Paroles – Adamo – Away too long

Le dans «Paroles» par Anonymous
Salvatore Adamo

I returned to my old hometown one day
It was years ago I'd gone away
The girls to use to care
Had things to do elsewhere

I felt a stranger there
I've been away too long

It was much too late for me
To walk in memory
And lonely as could be
I looked around

Jane had wed her school friend Johnny Brown
Pat had wed the tailor of the town
The lovely Marie–Claire
Had wed her millionaire

And no one seemed to care
I've been away too long

I'd been away too long
To hang around was wrong
And so I went alone
To fine the boys

Tom has got a family of three
Jim had gone away to gay Paris
And Joe once full of life
Now runs home to his wife
And so I drunk alone
To yesterday

And as the sun went down
I left my own hometown
I left my old hometown
I've been away too long

I've been away too long
I've been away too long